Scientific Program

Saturday 7th July 13.00 - 14.30 h. Auditorio

Francisco Rodríguez Pulido

MD.PHD. Psychiatrist. Psychiatric Dep. Health Sciences La Laguna Campus. Tenerife Spain.

Neurobiology and Schizophrenia: moving beyond genes.

Raúl Alelú Paz

MD, PhD. Director Laboratory of Neuroscience of Mental Illness Elena Pessino.

Is it time to abandon the construct Schizophrenia’? Reliability, validity and stigma.

John Read

Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of East London. Editor of the ISPS’s Scientific Journal ‘Psychosis.

Learning from people with lived experience of recovery in everyday life.

Marit Borg

University College of Southeast Norway. Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. Drammen. Norway.