Scientific Program

Friday 6th July 11.00 - 12.30 h. San José

Blanca Reneses Prieto

Psychiatrist. Head of Service. Institute of Psychiatry and Mental Health of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital. Madrid. Spain.

Migratory phenomenon in the course and evolution of the homeless with TMG.

Beatriz Serván Rendón-Luna

Psychiatrist. Center for Mental Health Center. Madrid Spain.

Criminality, homelessness and TMG.

Rafael Fernández García-Andrade

Psychiatrist. HCSC Mental Health Street Team and Penitentiary Center of Segovia. Madrid and Segovia, Spain.

Mediators in the trauma-psychosis association in patients with psychosis and extreme social exclusion.

Julia Sevilla Llewellyn-Jones

Psychologist Mental Health Center of the district of Latina. Madrid Spain.

ECASAM Model: Mental Health Street Team of Madrid.

Elena Medina Téllez de Meneses

Psychiatrist. Mental Health Street Team Hospital Universitario La Paz. Madrid Spain.