Scientific Program

Thursday 5th July 14.00 - 15.00 h. México

Isabel del Valle-Iturriaga Orihuela

University of Valladolid. Faculty of Education and Social Work. Spain.

258/19 Psychosocial rehabilitation as a care center for people in treatment for psychoactive substance use disorders

Mónica García Ortega

258/48 Perception and satisfaction among patients receiving substance use disorder treatment in pretoria, South África

Martín L. Vargas Aragón


258/119 The great excluded people: immigrants and refugee in the experience of an health service Onlus

Anna Felcher

Psychiatrist C/o Cps Az. Osp. G. Salvini Garbagnate Milanese. Italy.

258/269 Social determinants of Alcohol misuse and harms to others in the ‘transition’ towns of India

Vivek Benegal

National Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences. Bangalore.

258/270 Piloting outreach mental health care in refugee population in Greece; Service delivery and qualitative evaluation

Michail Lavdas

Association for Regional Development and Mental Health. Epapsy.