Scientific Program

Thursday 5th July 14.00 - 15.30 h. Madrid

Alberto Fergusson

WAPR Vice-President. Rosario University. Colombia.

Spring Employment Model: Professionalization, Inclusion and Bond Dynamics.

Sonia Carralón

Degree in psychology. Director of the Technical Employment Area of ​​the Manantial Foundation and Director of the HR Department of the Integra Integra Manantial Employment Center. Member of the Steering Committee of the Manantial Foundation.

Labor Rehabilitation in Madrid: "Support for a Vocational Project".

Silvia García Esteban

Expert in Children and Youth Literature. Madrid.

Work and People with Mental Health Problems: Employment Policies and Recovery Experiences.

Carlos de Fuentes

Associate Professor of Labor Law and Social Security at the Complutense University of Madrid and the Institute of Stock Market Studies and Director of Manantial Documenta, CEE Manantial Integra of Fundación Manantial.