Scientific Program

Thursday 5th July 12.30 - 13.30 h. México

Martín L. Vargas Aragón

Head of Psychiatry Service. Health Care Complex of Segovia.

258/56 Perception of stigma towards people diagnosed with severe mental disorder in primary health care staff

Martín L. Vargas Aragón


258/154 Deinstitutionalization - Ethics, autonomy and coersive measures in the community

Møyfrid Kjølsdal

Ntnu. Samfunnsforskning.

258/249 Supported Education Programs in universities in Israel: The nature of help they provide and the challenges they face

Ron Shor

School of Social Work and Social Welfare. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Israel.

258/253 Identifying mechanisms of institutionalization to transform practices

Claudia Pellegrini Braga

University of Sao Paulo. Brazil.

258/291 Quality of Family life and its relation with Gender Identity Disorder among sample of adolescents in view of some demographic variables

Marwa Tawfik Elhegawy

Ain-Shames Univirsity.