Scientific Program

Thursday 5th July 11.30 - 12.30 h. México

Javier Santiago Quintana

Inserción Canaria.

258/46 Permanent Commission, expression of the recovery model oriented to the management of centers

Martín L. Vargas Aragón


258/118 Partial results of the validation of the Social and Communities Opportunities Profile scale for Portuguese spoken in Brazil

Jussara Carvalho dos Santos

School of Nursing. University of São Paulo.

258/146 Recovery and research: presentation of the project InterComuniCare

Ermelinda Macedo

University of Minho. Braga. Portugal.

258/149 A community project: assessing needs in people with mental illness

Ermelinda Macedo

University of Minho. Braga. Portugal.

258/216 Qualitative study on the recovery journey of peers affected by severe mental illness: the experience from the “Entrelaços” peer support program, Rio de Janeiro

Leonardo Palmeira

Psychiatris Family Therapy Sector. Institute of Psychiatry. Federal University. Rio de Janeiro.