Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


Parallel Sessions, Plenary, Workshop and Skills update and Satellite Sessions

Oral and Poster Presentations.


A.GENERAL INFORMATION                       


  1. The number of speakers within each abstract and activity must be respected. The speakers shall be indicated in bold.
  2. Proposals will be accepted until 17th May 2018.
  3. No activity alteration can be made after the 17th May 2018 at 11.59 p.m. Spanish timeline,
  4. Main presenter should be registered in the conference by 18th May.
  5. Language: proposals in English and Spanish will be admitted.
  6. The format of each activity must be respected (time, number of presenters, number of authors).
  7. It is assumed that by submitting the proposal, the speaker(s) accept(s) all these criteria.
  8. The resulting evaluation of the activity by the Scientific Committee shall be final.
  9. The Organization Committee, under advise of the Scientific Bodies will be allowed to suggest changes or modifications to the proposals, for discussion and further agreement.



Online Web Presentation

Proposals shall be sent via the Official Congress Website: following these guidelines.

All further notifications shall be done via email. For that reason, it is essential to indicate an email address in use as well as a contact phone number of the person submitting or presenting the activity.

The Technical Secretariat shall inform of day and time scheduled for the activity.

No abstract submitted by fax or postal mail shall be accepted.

The Technical Secretariat shall always send a confirmation receipt of the abstract submitted where the designated reference number shall appear. In case of you don´t receive the confirmation receipt, please review the junk mail or contact with the Technical Secretariat to confirm your abstract has been received correctly.           

For any inquiry related to the submission of activities through the website, please, write an email to  identifying the subject by Information Activities WAPR Congress 2018’.

The rules of presentation and planning details shall be included in said communication or posterior mails.




1. Abstracts will be submitted using the appropriate template. (Available in this link).

2. No abstracts will be accepted if not include the following information.

    •  Main speaker (presenter) of the activity and co-speaker.
    •  The names of the speaker and co-speaker(s) shall appear preceded by the family name (i.e. Andrews, John)
    • .Affiliation details must be included (Department, Institution/Hospital, City, State, Country,..:example: Psychologist. AssertiveOutreachUnit. Department of Psychiatry.  Belgium.
    •  It is essential to indicate specialty, actual work position, work center and location.
  • If this data does not apply to all authors, it shall be specified as follows: Example:

 (1) Thomas, George; (2) Cooper, Frank.; (3) Mills, Anna. (1) Psychiatrist. Mental Health Unit Supervisor. London Intercommunity Health Center. London, United Kingdom; (2 y 3) Nurse. The Mental Health Centre of Greater Manchester. United Kingdom:

TITLE: Concise, 30 words maximum in lower-case letters (titles in capital letter shall not be accepted), in bold and only recognizable abbreviations are allowed.


The following sections must be included for each abstract proposal:

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

2. Abstract presentations are not allowed to include: tables, graphs and images.

3. The abstract must be typed using Microsoft Word 95 or over, Arial font 10-point.

4. Text length shall be 350 words.  Single spaced and justified text. No blank line shall be left between paragraphs.

5. Each section shall appear in bold, followed by a colon (:). The text shall appear immediately after.

6. In the body of the abstract standardized abbreviations shall be used. When specific or unusual abbreviations are used, they shall appear in brackets after each complete term the first time they are used.

7.  Review carefully the work before submission.




  • This format will benefit from simultaneous translation Spanish-English.
  • This format is reserved for Organising Committee.


  • This format will benefit from simultaneous translation Spanish-English.
  • Proponents may propose chairman, and discussant to the Organising Committee.
  • Up to 5 speakers, Chairman included.
  • All participants shall be registered in the Conference.
  • Duration: 90’ 
  • Kindly use the “Parallel session template”. (Download it here).
  • Organiser, in consultation with proponents and Organizing Committee, will be allowed to change this format to “Symposium format”.


  • All presentations in relation with a common topic.
  • Proponents may propose chairman, and discussant to the Organising Committee.
  • Up to 5 speakers, Chairman included.
  • All participants shall be registered in the Conference.
  • Duration: 90’ 
  • Kindly use the “Symposium template”. (Download it here)
  • Proposal will specify what working language (Spanish or English)


  • Interactive activity about a single proposed topic, under the direction of experts.
  • Limited number of attendees.
  • Duration: 90’.
  • All participants shall be registered in the Conference.
  • Kindly use the “Workshop template”. (Download it here).
  • Proposal will specify what working language (Spanish or English)




  • Free presentation about topic.
  • Organising committee can recommend an oral presentation to be presented as Poster.
  • Maximum of 10 authors per abstract.
  • Each author may take charge of the presentation of two communications at most without limiting the number of communications in which appears as author.
  • 7’ plus 3’ for comment and questions.
  • Will be gathered in sessions of 60’.
  • Kindly use the “Oral template” (Download it here).
  • Proposal will specify what working language (Spanish or English)



  • Presentation: A Virtual Poster Exhibition Area will be arranged from the first day of the conference.
  • The use of the Congress Official templates for Poster presentations is mandatory.  Template can be downloaded from this link.
  • Organization will schedule time for poster discussion and questions.
  • The submitted poster shall be in PowerPoint Presentation format, with the following dimensions: 50.8 cms. tall x 28.58 cms. wide. These specifications shall be followed carefully, as those not adjusted to them may be rejected. The poster cannot exceed 10 Megabytes.
  • Once the abstract is accepted by the Committee, the guidelines to create the poster as well as for uploading to the website shall be sent by e-mail to the main author.
  • There will be no poster presentations. Nonetheless, posters will be exhibited on the Touch Screens located in the Virtual Poster Exhibition Area.



1. Presentations will be gathered in thematic areas for scheduling.

2. Speakers shall state the THEMATIC AREA in which they will like to present their abstracts at the time of submission.

3. The Scientific Committee will always try to respect the speaker’s choice of thematic area. However, this is subject to changes in order to achieve a balanced scientific program.

4. The thematic areas are:

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation of people with mental illness
  • Innovative scientific approaches to understand mental disorders in a bio-psycho-social framework
  • Evidence Based outcome studies
  • Programs in PSR
  • Special collectives and excluded people
  • Human Rights in Mental Health
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Early Interventions
  • Humanistic view of mental illness
  • Social Determinants of Mental Health
  • Policy and Psychiatric Reforms
  • Community Based Attention
  • Policy social and cultural contexts
  • Real world care practices
  • Mental Health Services Research
  • Treatment to adverse effects
  • Role of non governmental organization
  • Non professional care
  • Empowerment of people with living experience of disability
  • Recovery movement
  • Self help and user-run services
  • Legal and Fofensix Issues
  • Training in RPS
  • PSR across cultures
  • Housing programs
  • Employment programs
  • User´s involvement and community participation
  • Working with families
  • Arts and Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • Neurosciences




  • Presentation: Windows PowerPoint Projection.
  • The use of the Congress Official templates for presentations is mandatory. Download it in this link.
  • Presentation will be provided in the Technical Room in USB compatible memory.
  • Presentations shall be submitted to the Technical Room at least 2 hours before the presentation.
  • In the case of presentations scheduled for the start of the following day, they must be submitted the previous day although we recommend doing it just after collecting your credentials at the Registration Desk.
  • Presentations using personal laptops are not permitted.



The following award is established:

- Martin Guittelman Award for Best Oral Abstract: prize of  € 850.

During the Closing Ceremony of the Congress the committee’s decision will be made public and the Awards will be handed out, reason why we ask for your presence in said act.  


Note 1: The prizes provided or any of their categories for this edition may be declared void in the event that the Scientific Committee deems it appropriate.
Note 2: Prizes are subject to IRPF withholdings set by the Tax Agency, with the rents assuming said retentions.