Mr. Pedro Pibernart Deulofeu


FEARP Member. Agustín Serrate Foundation Member.


Board Member of the AGUSTÍN FOUNDATION

Official of the Provincial Council of Huesca from 1986 to the year
2000: Coordinator of Auxiliaries of Psychiatric Nursing of the Hospital
Psychiatric Hospital of Huesca, CRP Sto Cristo de los Milagros and the Insertion Program
Labor and Social Sector of the SM Sector of Huesca
From the Health Transfers (2001) to the year 2014, the Health Officer
Aragonese HEALTH Institute of the Department of Health, Social Welfare and
Family. Coordinator of the "ARCADIA Labor Insertion Center" and Special Center
of Employment "Labor Insertion ARCADIA S.L" Managed by the Agustín Foundation
From 2008-2014: President of the Aragonese Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. (AARP).
2015 Vice President of the AARP
2014: Responsible for the Users' Vocabulary in the FEARP.