Dr. Ricardo Guinea Roca


Psychotherapist. Hospital de Día Madrid. President of WAPR.


President of World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation WAPR. www.wapr.info
Delegate International Affairs FEARP www.fearp.org
Co-Chair of the WHO-WAPR Plan of Action Advocates.

Biographical Note
Clinician and social activist, has been linked since 1988 to the development of Psychosocial Rehabilitation activities; in Spain through FEARP, and in Europe through the WAPR.
In Spain, his activity begins in the professional associative world in the AMRP where he was president in two periods; subsequently contributes to the creation of the FEARP (the Spanish group of WAPR), which presides over two periods, to serve as WAPR Web Editor and the Bulletin, Secretary General, President Elect and currently Executive President.
He has participated in numerous international meetings. He has promoted three RPS European Conferences from FEARP (Madrid 2003, Bilbao 2006, Valladolid 2009) and one from WAPR-Italy (Torino 2015)
He has developed activities to promote Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, through the WHO-WAPR action group (which promotes the objectives of the WHO Action Plan 2013-20, including training and rights promotion objectives). Humans in Mental Health); and through the "WAPR Action Group for the Promotion of the RPS in Latin America" ​​(Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru).
He has participated in several groups of experts (Elaboration of the Mental Health Plan of the Community of Madrid, technical design of the National Reference Center on Mental Illness of IMSERSO of Valencia) Coordinated the Technical Document "Model of Care for People with Serious Mental Illness" , of IMSERSO, Ministry of Social Affairs).
He is supervisor of Psychosocial Rehabilitation centers and services in Madrid since 2011.
As a clinician, he is a psychoanalyst-psychotherapist accredited in ICOMEM, in private practice (orientation relates), he is co-founder of Hospital de Día Madrid (since 1988), a center specialized in institutional treatment of adolescents, center of which he has been Director, Manager and Director of Programs. Currently, it focuses on the WAPR Presidency; He works in research in the field of early attention to psychotic processes and in psychotherapeutic care for people in psychotic processes.